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Anesthesia-Free Teeth Cleaning for Dogs

Get your dog’s teeth cleaned with our in-house pet oral hygiene specialists Lesley Matthews and her assistant Jessica. We are fully trained and certified to offer portable anesthetic-free scaling and polishing for dogs of all sizes and breeds.


Our methods include using the latest sonic technology that gently removes plaque while polishing without aggressively scraping your pet’s teeth. Sonic technology is 100% natural and hygienic and avoids the complications often seen with a medical procedure. In most cases, your pet’s teeth are cleaned in less than an hour and without any side effects.


Free Consultations

For your first appointment, you will receive a free consultation to determine the condition of your dog's teeth. Abnormalities are charted and documented. We then together discuss your pet’s best oral hygiene routine options.


Costs of Cleaning

Free consultation for cost


Did You Know That Gum Disease Is Not Just a Human Problem?

It takes more to clean and keep your pet’s teeth healthy than bones and treats. Similar to people, domesticated pets need professional scaling, flossing, and polishing of their teeth to prevent issues such as gum disease and bad breath. Furthermore if left untreated, gum disease in your pets could lead to heart disease.


Make a Teeth Cleaning Appointment

Make an appointment with our pet oral hygiene specialist to get your pet’s teeth cleaned at our location. Contact us to learn more about our teeth cleaning services.


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